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Six things to look for when choosing a CRE advisor

Sept 23, 2019

Whether you're buying, selling, or leasing property, commercial real estate (CRE) is one of your company's most important line items. In fact, your lease payments, mortgage, or sell contract terms have some of the greatest impacts on your bottom line.

So in order to stack the cards in your favor when managing CRE deals, bring a qualified CRE advisor onto your team who meets the following six requirements:

Member of professional organizations:

Being a member of a professional organization not only allows for networking, but provides continued education in the field. It shows a dedication to the industry and insider connections.

Quality company:

Choose a CRE advisor who is supported by a quality company with a solid reputation. Check the company's website, ask about past clients, and ask what resources they use for market research, analytics, and property knowledge.

Negotiation skills:

You want an experienced negotiator managing your CRE deals. Look for an advisor who has experience and education aligned with sales negotiations.

Location expert:

Having an in-depth knowledge of the retail, office, and industrial landscape in your region greatly improves an advisor's ability to match buyers and sellers and tenants and landlords.


No matter how experienced, a CRE advisor worth their weight will continue networking in their industry. The ability to find specific buyers, sellers, or properties oftentimes depends on the depth of the advisor's network.


And it goes without saying, you want a CRE advisor with integrity. You want peace of mind that your advisor has your company's best interest at heart. Check out testimonials and ask past clients about their work.

Having a qualified CRE advisor on your team is critical when managing a CRE deal! Choose an advisor who meets these six requirements, and you'll improve your CRE process.

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